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IE Audi C7/C7.5 S6 & S7 Performance Tune (2012-2018)

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IE ECU calibrations are dedicated to perfecting every section of the mapping to deliver a fully realized performance file right out of the gate. Maximized for full performance potential on the drag strip and road coarse while maintaining full comfort and reliability on your daily commute. Get ready to experience IE's Performance Software For your Audi EA824 4.0T V8 engine in only minutes from the comfort of your home garage or driveway.  



All stages of IE calibrations for the C7 & C7.5 S6 & S7 require a matching DSG Tune for installation. Due to turbo sizing and engine characteristics, massive torque gains are seen through the low-mid range of the powerband. This exceeds the torque limitations of the factory DSG calibration and will cause slipping in the clutch packs. The factory shift maps are also not properly tuned for the new ECU powerband and causes a large performance loss without it. Instead of sandbagging power and reducing performance, your IE ECU tune is safely engineered to fully realize all available performance, but will require the additional purchase of the DSG transmission tune to reliably take advantage of the intense power.


IE's POWERlink Cable and Flash Wizard software gives you the freedom to quickly flash your new IE ECU Tune. Simply plug your POWERlink into the vehicle's OBD-2 port and follow the on-screen directions, it's that easy!


  • IE guarantee -45 days risk free
  • Horsepower & torque gains maximized
  • Stock boost control optimized for all conditions
  • 91, 93, & E85 octanes available (95, 98, RON & E85)
  • ECU safely adapts between E65-E85 Ethanol
  • Optional Exhaust Crackle feature
  • Optional Ghost Cam feature
  • Rev limiter increased to 6800 RPM with DSG flash  
  • Launch control torque increased for faster launches
  • Road speed limiters removed
  • Annoying cylinder deactivation deleted (Will keep activated by by request)
  • Engineered for all climates and elevations
  • Direct port OBDII at-home flashing
  • Easy octane switching takes only minutes
  • Upgrade stages to match hardware upgrades
  • Simple on/off feature toggling
  • Read and clear diagnostic/problem codes
  • Easy to use Data-logger



E85 fuel unlocks the most performance potential from our ECU tunes for your Audi S6 or S7. Ethanol contains tons of oxygen, burns cooler, and has a high resistance to knock. This provides more horsepower and torque than running conventional gasoline and is more readily available (in most states) and less expensive than race gas. E85 is an optional fuel map included with all tune purchases.


The factory ECU calibration includes many compromises removed by your IE Tune. One of the most problematic is the stock cylinder deactivation which attempts to increase fuel economy by only running 4 cylinders when cruising. This causes rough shift, loss of power, and is believed to cause early failures of motor mounts. Cylinder deactivation is completely turned off by default. If you want to keep cylinder deactivation, we will reactivate on request.


Although full E85 is recommended for the highest power output, safeguards are included within the E85 ECU calibrations to adjust for ethanol as low as E65. This flexibility gives you the confidence to safely fill up at the pump which can commonly test lower than advertised.


IE's fully proven software brings track-ready ECU programming to your turbocharged V8 engine while retaining factory comfort and reliability. IE's own tuning technology suite is used to completely reverse-engineer the factory ECU mapping, allowing our software engineers access to realign all safety protocols and sensors for the new performance calibration. Every tune parameter undergoes months of testing on our in-house dyno systems that utilize the world's only Sea Level Generator developed specifically to verify tune operations in any condition. Confidently drive from LA to Pikes Peak with power that will keep you smiling every mile!  


Your Audi S6 or S7 has a powerful twin-turbo V8, it's time to sounds like one too! To help accomplish this, your IE Tune includes two optional features on all stages that will make your eight cylinder turbo sound like the king of the streets. Add the motorsport-inspired Exhaust Crackle to your exhaust note or the iconic lopey idle with Ghost Cam. These addicting features exist purely to add more fun and excitement to your drive and can be turned on or off at will with your IE POWERlink.

Exhaust Crackle & Ghost Cam features are available on stock hardware, but exhaust modifications are highly recommended for the loudest results.



The optional Ghost Cam feature uses the 4.0T's variable valve timing to produce a race ready and lopey V8 idle. This cam-idle is active during idle only and will return to normal function during driving.  



Enabling the Exhaust Crackle feature will add a motorsport-inspired crackle sound to your exhaust note when you free-rev the engine or decelerate.


IE's number one goal from purchase to installation is to provide you with the best customer experience in the industry. We want what you want; a simple purchase process, products that exceed expectations, and a brand that's got your back. If at any point you have any questions, need help, or require support with your new tune our educated customer support team and tuning specialists are standing by and happy to help. Purchasing an IE tune not only guarantees a quality product, but that you will always have us in your corner.

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