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Authorized Reseller

Authorized Dealer


It is very important to know where your products are coming from.  As an authorized reseller of many of the brands Brox Tuning carries, you can assure yourself the best support available.  Brox Tuning is an authorized dealer for many of the 100+ brands we carry. Some examples are: 034Motorsport, Integrated Engineering, VRSF, Bootmod3, CTS Turbo, Black Forest Industries, South Bend Clutch, AWE Tuning, AirLift, SPEC, K&N, Injen and many more.


Why is this important?

  • Product Knowledge - Our Performance Specialists are trained and have access to key information to ensure you make the best and most informed purchasing decision.
  • Warranty - As an authorized reseller, you can be assured that the manufacturers warranty will be honored and product support is available.
  • Legitimacy - Knowing that you are buying real products not knock offs.  Replica parts can be advertised as the real product which cheats you out of getting the quality you paid for.
  • Track Record - Anybody can buy a domain name and build a site.  Having sold over thousands of products Canada-wide and completing "Buy-Ins" with manufacturers takes a real business.  You can assure that when you order with Brox Tuning, you have the most professional and memorable experience.